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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back From the Snow!

I'm finally home! I was up in Mammoth for 8 days on the same AOL commercial. I had so much fun, but it has to be one of the toughest jobs I have ever worked. I was fighting the temperature, the cold wind, the alttitude, and the 4 feet of snow. Thank god I bought enough snow gear.

I would go back to Mammoth only if I took a little vacation, don't want to work or go on a job to that location again. I messed up my back, another PA got a minor hernia, and a coordinator was sent to the hospital for high blood pressure. It's tough up there, I got a bloody nose once at 13,000 feet elevation. It's so cold, your tears freeze up!

I'm now glad to be back home. I'm planning on my big move. On the 21st of January, I'm moving to Stevenson's Ranch next to Valencia. But I'm working so much, that I probably wont get a chance to move my stuff until after the 28th. But I'm totally excited.

Tuesday I start a new commercial, don't know what it's for yet.


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