The Film Industry Through My Eyes

Friday, June 30, 2006

Car Commercials...

Weather: Look At Picture! (Temp inside the Transportation Van)
Job: Mercury Milan ( Nice Car... but still a Ford)
Shoot: 14 Hours

Most car commercials are very slow unless you have chase scenes or stunts, otherwise it's a whole lot of waiting for the sun and or lighting to be just right!

I guess Ford thinks Latinos really love their Mercury line, see their commercials on spanish Tv all the time! It's Toyotas and Fords always on Spanish TV. Yet I don't know any Latino that owns a Mercury...

How do you shoot a inside a car? Cut out the roof!

Loosing Sunlight! Bring out the BIG LIGHTS!

Takes forever to light a car especially when you're outside and the car happens to be black. Took a long time to get rid of all the nasty reflexions and lighting it so that it looks beautiful without getting the crew or camera in the reflexion.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm Off!

Making that cheddar!

Ah, feels good when your paycheck comes in the mail and the Production Manager hooks you up with a little more money than expected! I got an extra day on the last job (campbell's soup), cuz I busted my ass on that one.

Now I can Splurge on something...hmmm, maybe I'll get an Xbox 360 now...

Got a big 2 week long job coming up on the 9th! Doing a big Home Depot Commercial, stay tuned for that!

BTW, check this guy out, I just saw him on TV and I think he's very funny!